On Tour with Death Cab for Cutie

Excited and honored to announce that I’ll be heading back on tour this summer, this time with Death Cab for Cutie as they headline Boston Calling Festival and several other shows in New York and New Jersey. Much like my time with The Postal Service last summer, I’ll be Trail Coordinator (what?!) for the entire band and crew + assisting with production. Gonna be good, real good. In NY, MA, or NJ during May? I’d love to see you.

Video: Protest Run Movie Trailer

Had some fun with this one. Currently collaborating with Mexican editors to finalize a short documentary film (July 2013) about the 70-Mile Protest Run in Baja against open-pit mining in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Here’s a teaser to snack on in the meantime. Only had a few of the clips to play with. Full media coverage list below, too. Disfruta.

Off tomorrow to Colombia for some revolution in Bogota and Spanish school in Cartagena.

Complete List: Digital Media Coverage (Mexican + US print articles not included):

A Video Project Success in Turkey

In July 2012, two days after running the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race, I whisked off to Turkey for two weeks to co-direct several videos for AFS. Last week, I put in my two weeks notice and am leaving my job of over 5 years at AFS and my life in Portland in pursuit of other adventures. Still, I feel so good about how this video came out, I thought I’d share. The work AFS does is undoubtedly transforming the world and this video and my experience in Turkey confirms its impact. Significant props to my good friends Dan and Erin at Goodeye Video for their video shooting and editing magic.