“Wildness is out there. The most vital beings and systems hang out at the edge of the wildness. The next time you howl in delight like a wolf, howl for unstable aperiodic behavior in deterministic non-linear dynamic systems. Lao Tzu and Thoreau and Abbey will be pleased.”

Jack Turner, The Abstract Wild (1996)


Pine-to-Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run

A symphony of alarms, watch  timers and wake-up calls sound off at 4am to ensure that a failed first 100-mile attempt wouldn’t be because of an overly-comfortable hotel pillow. Oversleeping is far from my nemesis, as last night’s slumber was pitiful at best.  Anticipation, worry, excitement (and my father’s occasional snoring bouts) all danced to an omnipresence of neuro-noice, which I chalk it up to pre-race jitters. 100 miles is different though.


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