Waldo 100K Race Report

Glow-in-the-Dark Bocce Ball. I think I’ve found the perfect taper week activity.

This epitomized my approach to the Waldo 100K. The proverbial hay was in the barn. I felt strong and confident from recent races and adventures around Mt. Hood. Nothing more to do really but welcome home rest and relaxation. When 3am rolls around and I rise to an eerie gong sounding off for the early starters, the space I inhabit feels calibrated. The body itches for mountains, more than it ever has before. I feel ready to spend the day exploring boundaries, encouraged by good friends and stiff competition.

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Mt. Hood 50 Mile Race Report

It’s Friday night. 10pm. Contact lenses already plucked from the eyes. I was intending to wake up with the sun and get lost on Hunchback Mountain for 27 solo mountain miles. A favorite training run.

I get a call from Yassine.  He’s on his way to race the Mt. Hood 50 the next morning and we talk race strategy a bit. Yassine has another idea for me.

“Why don’t you just mash up here tomorrow morning and see if you can get in the race?” He says. Doesn’t take much convincing.

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