13 Photos to Explain My Love for Todos Santos, Mexico

Over the holidays, my family and I took refuge down in Todos Santos, Mexico, a small artist hideout on the Southern Baja Peninsula. This has become a sort of annual event now, one that I am extremely fortunate for and always looking forward to. A confluence of all things soulful, here are 13 reasons why this is one of the most special places on earth.

1) Mountain Vertical. Picacho de la Laguna. 6000ft of vert squeezed into 12miles. Rugged, remote, spectacular. 2hrs.42min to summit. Went a lot better than last time.

2) Simplicity. Things work slowly in Todos. No rush.
3) Language. A common language, a deeper understanding of different perspectives.

4) Food + Drink. Fish caught hours ago, tortillas hot from down the road. And tequilia?!

5) Art: Landscape, climate and community often produces impressive creative expression.6) Surf: Not my strongest activity, but always onboard to search for breaks. 7) Beaches: Las Palmas, one of my favorites. Where land gracefully embraces sea. 8) Heat: Even in January, mid-70’s. I’ll take it. En route to the Picacho. 9) Focus: Without distractions of city and job, one discovers great focus on daily activities.10) Music: Always learning new things from these music sessions.
11) Creative Solutions: Mexico is known for their resourcefulness. When in Rome…
12) Study: Ample time for reading, writing, contemplation. A revolutionary thought, indeed.
13) Sunsets: Paintbrush across sky to remind us all of Nature’s ephemeral beauty.


6 thoughts on “13 Photos to Explain My Love for Todos Santos, Mexico

  1. Las fotos son fantasticas! Vamos a regressar!!! Pronto! Si Marysol vende, no importa……hay muchas otras casas y lugares y muchos amigos, tambien, a visitar ;o) Te amo chicos!!!
    Tia Juanita
    aka Aunt GG

  2. Thanks for sharing this, you really have translated a lot of what Todos Santos is to me as well! Hope to you in SW Colorado this year. Marianne

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