Capitol Peak 50 Mile Race Report

“Excuse me…do you mind if we put up our tent in a corner of your campsite?”

It’s evening when we arrive to the campground on the eve of the Capitol Peak 50, and the place is looking full. I startle the family with my fumbling proposition.

A response from the man, “Sure, we have a little kid though just so you know.”
Doesn’t register. I say, “oh, absolutely. No problem.”

Trevor and I proceed to pitch our canvassed abode about 20 feet from theirs. Was more of a formality really, as no quality R.E.M was happening when a baby screams bloody murder all…night…long. The young parents would sing lullabies and then chuckle softly in complete surrender. Nothing stopped the infant’s reign of tearful terror. Never can sleep before these races anyway, so 3 hours was par for the course.

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