The Cardiac Couriers

A visceral moment during our 50 Mile Rim-to-Rim Protest Run Against Nestle in the  Columbia River Gorge stirs up some thoughts for an honest future.

It’s Laura. She’s almost made it. And she’s crying wild tears.

We find this effervescent, middle-aged woman whittling her way slowly towards Mt. Chinedere, our first peak on today’s 50-mile Rim-to-Rim Protest Run against Nestle. 9 other runners and I already reached the summit and were descending, each swimming in a post-orgasm melted buttery bliss. Views from the top made royalty into all of us as we took turns wearing a crown of five snow-capped volcanoes. 4 hours of running so far. 15 miles in, 35 to go. Thousands of feet in vertical gain. 11 arrows released from the draw of gods, the fletchings of feather guiding us through a deciduous garden supremely greener than any Crayola chemist could create.

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