Published Article: “Goodbye to Gravity”

This summer, I wrote an article for the Float Shoppe, a sensory-deprivation water therapy company in Portland. The friendly owners were interested in exploring the restorative qualities of epsom salt floats with endurance athletes. An excerpt below. Full article here. 

“The door shuts behind me without even a slightest gasp, and I’m alone. Alone, except for this dark blue plastic bubble pod in front of me. The float tank. Stripped down to my birthday suit, I open the hatch and peer inside the mysterious container. Subtle scents of warm mineral water escape from the dark cocoon and introduce themselves to my nostrils. First foot in, I find it warm and slippery, likely from the heavy dose of salts. Now both feet in. An awkward swivel move to shut the door and I am greeted promptly by a fierce…absolute…darkness. Crouching, wading, maneuvering. I struggle for few minutes to let body and mind accept the totality of such sensory deprivation. And then it commences. The silence. The weightlessness. The suspension. The float.”

Read the entire article.


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