Grand Canyon Double Crossing


Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim. Required visit to Mecca for ultrarunners. 42 miles. 11,500 vertical feet. Across the Grand Canyon to the North Rim…then back. Kaibab Trail. In company with best in the biz, Joe Joe and TK (ran it sub 7-hours, what?) + Joe’s Uncle Dave (aka Uncle Boss). Took over 15 hours. Slow, meditative crossing. Full day enveloped in this gaping fantasy chasm. Most visuals snapped by the one and only Alpine Works. No one today inhabiting the intersection of Artist and Athlete quite like Joe can. Period.







joe6DSCN1406 DSCN1405joe10

Bonus track from Flagstaff….

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.20.02 PM


15 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Double Crossing

  1. Beyond the pale…incredible run in unbelievable country. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading/seeing more about those 17+ hours. Where are you now? Celebrating you, Leslie, with Scott and the Boys

  2. This looks just gorgeous. Congrats on completing another fine run – you are on a roll, my dear. When I was about your age – I got in my car one day and drove away with no idea where I was going. It was my first true pilgrimage and it was magic. My journey ended at the North Rim of the GC. Someone gave me The Alchemist. I never returned from that trip – someone else did. I hope the mysteries of the canyon touched you in similar ways.

  3. Sub 7 ??? You lunatic! Hit up council crest with Animal Crew tonight, good times as always. Look forward to some trail/racer 5 time next time you’re this way. Great read and pics.

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