Earth Day in Las Vegas

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 6.44.18 PM
Hotel linen sterility
Bleached blank.
Swapped by Invisibles,
Hiding in Shadows.

Flatscreen stares long
Cold and grinning.
Pixelated price-tags
Taunt groggy animal eyes.

Boobtube bleeds panic.
News anchor war paint
Dripping from chin.
Prying. Trying. Crying.

Air-con meat freezer.
Dull machine bizz-buzz.
Decry, deny and defy
Intensifying, warming world

Parking lot. Feed lot.
Lonely lines painted
Conformity Cream.
Factory-farm eggs
Stand no chance
On this searing sidewalk.

Paper pup-cup caffeine.
Honoring Tree with a quickie.
Harmless rape.
Styrofoam saucer-eyes.
Single-use everything.
Disposable all.

Shower blasting,
Sipping playfully
From stolen water.
Scrub with urgency.
Save the whales.

Front-desk façade.
In hot pursuit
Of the American Dream.
Banana in tailpipe.
Follow corporate crumbs,
Clever acronyms.


Hooters. Bellagio. Circus, Circus.
Psychic porous poisonous pour-overs.
Towers of excess. Toothless grin.
Rapacious rotting from
Inside out.

To the Airport!
Great Carbon Party.
Gasping trumpet
Asphyxiated Elephant.

Monkey contact, scoff!
Tuck behind DigiVeil.
Micro-bulb-lumens ablaze,
Snuggle nearest, Avatar dearest.
Perfumes of posturing.
Apply liberally.

Stay where it’s safe.
Do. Not. Engage.
Color inside the lines.
You’ll get hurt.

And don’t you forget…

The House always wins.


9 thoughts on “Earth Day in Las Vegas

  1. Wow – part of me wants to go vomit and part of me is transfixed by how this ghastly experience is somehow made gorgeous through the filter of your frequency.

  2. Reblogged this on Biocadence and commented:
    I’ve never reblogged another writer’s work before. Today, I can’t resist. This poem by Jasmine Dialogues is a must-read. While consistently tickling you with clever imagery, it will disgust you… for all the right reasons. What a ride! I don’t think I need to give a “spoiler alert” before sharing: the final 2 lines make me laugh out loud. Well done! P.S. I recommend subscribing to Jasmine Dialogues. Each post is moving, and distinct.

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