Video: Protest Run Movie Trailer

Had some fun with this one. Currently collaborating with Mexican editors to finalize a short documentary film (July 2013) about the 70-Mile Protest Run in Baja against open-pit mining in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Here’s a teaser to snack on in the meantime. Only had a few of the clips to play with. Full media coverage list below, too. Disfruta.

Off tomorrow to Colombia for some revolution in Bogota and Spanish school in Cartagena.

Complete List: Digital Media Coverage (Mexican + US print articles not included):


5 thoughts on “Video: Protest Run Movie Trailer

  1. Superb—in every way! You are one very talented, admirable, determined and witty character, Nick…wish we could clone you. Best wishes on your work in Colombia. (I’m involved in the current efforts to repeal the “Monsanto Protection Act” that was stuck into the recent budget bill.) Love, Leslie, with Scott, Henry and Bob

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