Support your Local Noisemakers

Two weeks ago, I was asked to take photos for the 2nd annual “GClaw,” a popular, all-women’s arm wrestling competition in downtown Missoula. It got rowdy. The event was a fundraiser for KGBA College Radio, our very eccentric, local station. Important stuff to support. Great sound, great fun. Some photos…




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Published: Trail Runner Magazine, “Disposability is Dead.”

Trail Runner Magazine just published my article, “Disposability is Dead.” The article focuses on environmental responsibility in the endurance community and our personal agencies for changing the game. Enjoy. Excerpt below.


“As we enter this “Golden Era” for endurance sport, we must stop courting convenience now. With race entrant numbers shooting steadily upward, we must look downward, to the ground, to the Earth. We must reject consumer models whose focal point is solely what’s the cheapest, the easiest or the fastest. I find this to go against the very spirit of ultrarunning, where races are often designed to avoid convenience, and instead to favor challenging terrain and aesthetic passage.”

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