Published: “In the Way”

Honored to have my article “In the Way,” selected for the Winter 2013 issue of Camas Magazine, a well-known environmental literary magazine from the University of Montana.


Humbled to now be part of an incredible line-up of past contributors and inspirations of mine, including: Bill McKibben, Rebecca Solnit, Wendell Berry, Derrick Jensen, Craig Childs, Rick Bass, etc. The piece was about being detained in Helena, Montana during an act of civil disobedience where I sat on the train tracks with a group of others to protest coal exports. It also involves elephants. Big elephants. One my proudest pieces, lots put into this one. Want a copy?


5 thoughts on “Published: “In the Way”

  1. good for you you are moving quickly

    Best regards,

    Michael Lebowitz Writer/Photographer 503.309.3054

    The secret of endurance isn’t so much a lesson as an imperative. You obey the dictates of the marathon. You cut your losses and keep on. You go numb, bleed out and keep on. You fall, get up and keep on. You go from rock to rock, from tree to tree, and keep on. You take strength in knowing others care about your effort and keep on. Kenny Moore

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