In Photo: Todos Santos and the Countdown

Photos from 3 weeks in Todos Santos, Mexico. After living there last winter, it was restorative to spend time with family, old friends, and mountains. Quotes from Alan Weisman’s (“The World Without Us”) newest book, Countdown. Incredible achievement covering the complexities of our world population predicament. Heavy. Bleak. And important as hell. Read it.


IMG_1832 IMG_1836

A World Bursting its Seams. “Even if today’s breeding generation is having fewer children per family, because their grandparent and parents had so many, every four-and-a-half days, there are a million more people on the planet. Even to a schoolchild, that does not sound very sustainable.”

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War Paint

Some poetry exploring psycho-adolescence and the lessons taught from our wilds. 


War Paint

Boy stripes face
Deeply with color
Lathered thick and slanting

He bursts outside through
Frail screen door
Heart tha da da dumping
Like battle drum phantoms
Scouring hilltop mist moist

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