In Photo: Ending Montana’s Coal Export

Last weekend, I joined the Blue Skies Campaign to lead a rally at Missoula’s Courthouse, speaking out against plans to expand coal export projects in Montana. The event was overwhelmingly successful. 200+ people braved freezing temperatures, including former city commissioners, indigenous leaders, and poets. B+W photos courtesy of Alex Wardell/E Media, colors by Dov Weinman. In the media: The Independent and KPAX (video). More bold plans in the works. Fired up.


rally1 rally2

rally3 rally4 rally5 rally6 rally7 rally10 IMG_6562 coal1 IMG_6566 IMG_6580 (1) IMG_6597 IMG_6606



4 thoughts on “In Photo: Ending Montana’s Coal Export

  1. Yeah!! Western Montana has already suffered enough from mining. You are in your element (one of many). And I can’t help but envy your snow (uninformed view, I know…). Love from snow-deprived Portland, Leslie

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