On Tour with Death Cab for Cutie

Excited and honored to announce that I’ll be heading back on tour this summer, this time with Death Cab for Cutie as they headline Boston Calling Festival and several other shows in New York and New Jersey. Much like my time with The Postal Service last summer, I’ll be Trail Coordinator (what?!) for the entire band and crew + assisting with production. Gonna be good, real good. In NY, MA, or NJ during May? I’d love to see you.


8 thoughts on “On Tour with Death Cab for Cutie

  1. Love this sidelight career you have created for yourself! By the way, I need to ask you about the turtle sanctuary in Todos Santos…thinking of taking my daughter on a volunteer vacation sometime and she has an interest in marine biology.

    • Great, give me a call or email and I’ll be happy to let you in on all that I know. It’s a great organization run by some fine people. And I could easily dial you into some accommodations in TS for cheap. Let me know!

  2. Yes I will be in New York and it would be incredible to see you. Let’s make it happen? I’m happy and comforted to know that you’re out there in the world doing what you love 🙂

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