“The Crossing” Short Documentary Film Debut

This might be one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. So humbled and proud to finally share with you our short film, “The Crossing,” a 21-minute documentary about a protest I helped organize against open-pit gold mining in Baja, Mexico. Directing this film was so beautiful and difficult and time-consuming and…deeply fulfilling. The biggest ups to Mike and Alex (and Zoe!) at Ë Media. You took kindling and made a bonfire. So, here it is. I give to you, “The Crossing.” This will be only available for one month, as we will take it down at the end of August to submit to film festivals. Please watch when you have space, then share share share it with the world; I fiercely believe the planet needs more stories like these. Dedicated to all that remains untamed and free.

“The Crossing” © 2014 from Michael Hanich on Vimeo.


8 thoughts on ““The Crossing” Short Documentary Film Debut

  1. Hey Nick,

    Congratulations! This is great. Very inspiring. I am sure you will get this in the Latin Cine fest. ‘ Shorts’. Do you have Sylvia”s email?

    A suggestion: put English subtitles under the speaches at the end.

    If we can help you in any way, let me know.

    Best Wishes – Isabel

    P.s I love the sleeping indian story.

  2. Completely exceeded my expectations……..
    Kudos to you for a comprehensive but brief, informative, and captivating documentary.
    “activism, your rent for getting to live on the planet”

  3. This is an excellent film of a magnificent protest. Bravo, Nick, many times over! You are a leader, an artist, an athlete, all of the first order. You are a person of determination, strength, vision and the most excellent sense of play. You are a deep and pervasive inspiration, and I hope that millions see your film. Love, Leslie S-J
    P.S. What are you listening to in the segment near the end of the 70 miles? I’ve never seen you running with earphones on!

    • Ha! It’s funny. I stashed music just in case I needed a serious boost (which I did near the end) and my music player died. Mysterious forces at play, I’d say. Demanding I stay present for that final push. 🙂 Love you all so much, say hi to the gang for me.

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