In Photos: Circling Mt. Tamalpais

A photo essay from last week’s 15-mile circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais, retracing the footsteps of a historic route set in 1965 by beats Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg, and Philip Whalen. Part of a larger book project in the works. Powerful experience. 


Four Vows for Spiral Walkers: 

Sentient beings are numberless;
I vow to save them.

Consuming desires are endless;
I vow to stop them.

Bio-relations are intricate;
I vow to honor them.

Nature’s way is beautiful;
I vow to become it.

– From “Opening the Mountain” by Matt Davis and Michael Farrell Scott

IMG_7047 IMG_7054 IMG_7059 IMG_7066

IMG_7074 IMG_7075 IMG_7079 IMG_7087 IMG_7108 IMG_7118 IMG_7127 IMG_7132 IMG_7135 IMG_7141


IMG_7149 IMG_7156 IMG_7159 IMG_7168 IMG_7175



13 thoughts on “In Photos: Circling Mt. Tamalpais

    • B! Thought you were winning races in the Outback or something?! Plus I was moving at a 75-min/mile pace on this trip so, might not have been so fun for you. Back in town in a few weeks, would be honored to hit some trails with you. Holler fam…909-809-1523

  1. Awesome pictures! Can’t wait to read more about this adventure, you’re on a fantastic path my friend 🙂

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