Published in Orion Magazine: “Murphys, California”

A short piece I wrote about my hometown is featured in the November/December 2015 issue of Orion Magazine


Someone recently asked me: “If you were to be reincarnated as a magazine, what would you be?”

At first I thought I might be some mutant hybrid of the New Yorker, Adbusters, and Orion Magazine. But, let’s be real—Orion takes the cake.

I remember the first time I discovered this bimonthly magazine. Their tagline? Nature + Culture + Place. Yes, okay. Good. That was five years ago, while living and working in Portland, Oregon. The issue had wild flora art on the cover and some heavy-hitting writing inside, most of whom I had never read.

The publication was beautiful and it met my inquiries at that time. It was a period when both my writing practice and environmental inquiries were growing fast and needed food constantly. Books. People. Actions. Anything. I asked daily: how can we share edgy, honest stories and art that honestly portray the relationship between humans in their environment? And how do we make that beautiful? How do we make that head-swivelingly hip and interesting?

How do we feed awe?

Orion Magazine feeds awe. It’s my single favorite magazine right now, and a short piece of mine, “Murphys, California,” about my hometown, was just included in the section The Place Where you Live. If you don’t know this publication, head to your closest independent bookstore and pick up a copy today. They’re ad-free, deftly honest, and exquisite in their layout, content, and vision. It’s always a big day when a copy arrives in the mail, and I’m beyond honored to finally be part of their publication. Onwards.


6 thoughts on “Published in Orion Magazine: “Murphys, California”

  1. how creative. i reckon u r good at art. i would come back in magazine form as Men’s Health magazine. Watches and cars on every other page, a feature set of execise

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