The Jasmine Dialogues began in 2008 as a book club with one other friend to discuss the human adventure and our relationship with the surrounding more-than-human phenomena.


Often accompanied by several cups of jasmine tea, these discussions were designed to share stories of those committed to exploring the truth, the truth of our misconceived boundaries — tales of endurance, artistic edge, spiritual pilgrimage, activism. We wanted brave explorers of Mystery. We sought literature bleeding authenticity and inquired into how genuine reciprocity might be forged with ourselves and with our external surroundings.

We only got through one book.

Since its dissolution, the name “Jasmine Dialogues” stuck as a reference to this conversation I am continually having with friends, family, strangers, and myself — both human and non-human. The name calls towards a lifelong pursuit of study and a celebrating shimmy-dance between my inner ecology and the outer layer I strive to intimately inhabit.

So, I dedicate the Jasmine Dialogues as a digital space to share this journey, this shimmy. Posted will be visceral experiences that shape me, shake me, break me, and make me. Art, edgy doers and makers, and places dripping with beauty that help deepen this conversation. The Jasmine Dialogues is committed to such intention. I hope you enjoy and check back often.

Nick Triolo
nicktriolo (at) gmail.com

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  2. Amazing blog Nick – you are a very inspirational person – I am really impressed by your writing, photos, and dedication – truly outstanding buddy – keep it going!! – Wick

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