The Jasmine Dialogues is Moving….

Well, it’s been a great run with The Jasmine Dialogues. Several years, over nearly a hundred blog updates, and 3,000 subscribers. Alas, I’ve decided to migrate most of all of this content, films, and publications to a new, official site: This new website, I’ve found, is simple and easy to navigate, and will house all future updates, articles, and progress as i deepen my life as a freelance creative. There is an update signup at the bottom of the website all those wishing to stay in touch. THANK YOU, and upwards! Click Here.


Published: “War Paint” and “The 99 Revolutions”

Honored to have two pieces of my work “War Paint” (my first poem in print!) and “The 99 Revolutions,” published in this year’s Clackamas Literary Review


This is a beautiful publication and they included some really great writing in here, including work from Rafael Alvarez, writer for The Wire. He was also the keynote speaker at the Compose Creative Writing Conference this past weekend near Portland, Oregon. I was invited to run a workshop on environmental and advocacy nonfiction, which went incredibly well.Thanks to Jeff McAlpine and CCC for having me. Honored. Onwards!




Circling the Massif: August in Tibet

Photos and poetry from the most remote, wild, and committed travel experience yet. 


Three weeks. 5,000 kilometers. Traveling overland across the entire length of Tibet. For the better half of August, I was fortunate to join a trip of 18 professionals, artists, spiritual leaders and explorers from five countries, guided by author, adventurer and art historian Ian Baker (The Heart of the World) into Central and Western Tibet.

I decided on this expedition for several reasons, but mostly to participate in and study the famous circumambulation of Mt. Kailash, considered by over a billion people to be the most sacred mountain on the planet.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Buddhist, Hindu, Bon, and Jain pilgrims make the demanding trip to Mt. Kailash to walk 30+ miles clockwise around the base of this 23,000ft Himalayan giant. For four days, we made the circumambulation around the mountain, then spent the remaining days exploring ancient Buddhist cave kingdoms, hot springs, and Everest Base Camp.

I am currently in the beginning phases of a book project // thesis idea on exploring this particular form of ritual and its relationship with the natural world, and this was the first research stop for the project. Here are some of the better images captured during my time there, along with a short poem, “Kailash,” at the end. More words coming. Lots of stories. The sheer magnitude of the land and the people and the heart of Tibet aren’t adequately represented in photo. I tried.



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Featured on the Dirtbag Diaries Podcast

The Dirtbag Diaries, a Duct Tape Then Beer Production affiliated with Patagonia, just posted a podcast called “Fighting with out Feet,” where I tell the story of one of the most ambitious environmental activist projects of my life: a 70-mile protest run across the Baja Peninsula to resist proposals by US-Canadian companies to open-pit gold mine.

ddimageThe podcast turned out to be an incredible production, thanks to great work done by the Dirtbag Diaries. I’ve been a longstanding listener of their audio creations for years now and am excited for my story to be a part of their family. I feel strongly that this story should be shared, so please share with your spheres if you feel inspired. (Download mp3 or listen on Soundcloud.) Onward! Here are some previous Jasmine Dialogues posts about the protest:

Published: “In the Way”

Honored to have my article “In the Way,” selected for the Winter 2013 issue of Camas Magazine, a well-known environmental literary magazine from the University of Montana.


Humbled to now be part of an incredible line-up of past contributors and inspirations of mine, including: Bill McKibben, Rebecca Solnit, Wendell Berry, Derrick Jensen, Craig Childs, Rick Bass, etc. The piece was about being detained in Helena, Montana during an act of civil disobedience where I sat on the train tracks with a group of others to protest coal exports. It also involves elephants. Big elephants. One my proudest pieces, lots put into this one. Want a copy?