Published Works


An updated list of my words and photography that have made there way to print:

“Ecology of Escape” (March 2017) 
Juxtaprose Literary Magazine. Online.
Short piece from a larger series of vignettes about escapism, personal and planetary, revolving around a tree house and boomerang prayer.

“The Map is not the Territory” (Forthcoming, February 2017)
Beyond Beer Journal. Print.
Nonfiction feature for a new journal celebrating craft culture. About discovering Peru’s microbrew renaissance last fall.

“Chasing Revolution”(December 2016) 
North Travel/Art Online Journal.
A photo essay outlining a greater creative project I’ll be finishing in 2017. Great platform with some hip content.

The Four Directions of Standing Rock (October 2016) Online.
In September, I organized a supply run to Standing Rock, ND, a resist the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built on sacred land. Here’s what came up in four days.

“In the Footsteps of Beats.”(December 2016)
We Move Magazine. Online.
In 1965, Gary Snyder set into motion a circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais in Northern California. Fifty years later, a small group continues this tradition. I join them for a day.

“Why I Run.” (April 2016)
Territory Run Co. Print and Web.
A short, 500-word prose-poem answering the question of what running means to me. Form inspired by Terry Tempest Williams.

“Murphys, California.” (November/December 2015)
Orion Magazine. Print.
A short piece about my hometown was included in a favorite section of the magazine, The Place Where you Live.

“The Art of Men’s Council Dinner; Pass the Roadkill” (October 2015)
The Good Men Project. Online.
For over two years, I’ve had weekly dinners with two of my best friends in Missoula, Montana. And it started over sharing some fresh roadkill.

“Running in Circles” (September 2015)
Trail Runner Magazine. Print and Web.
There’s something about circumnavigating a peak that transcends an ordinary adventure run. Thoughts on circuitous routes, running, and Tibet.

“Becoming Edible” (September 2015) 
United States National Whitewater Association. Web. Edition Four.
Short, lyrical response to the question: How does the active, outdoor lifestyle provide a foundation to your life?”

“Heart and Twine” (May 2015) Web.
A personal essay exploring “home” through the lens of the FLAT, a sustainability co-housing situation where I lived 2013-2015. 

“War Paint” (April 2015) (online version here.)  
Clackamas Literary Review. Print. Poetry.
Some poetry exploring psycho-adolescence and the lessons taught from our wilds. 

“The 99 Revolutions” (April 2015)
Clackamas Literary Review. Print.
A quick visit to the old site of the Occupy Portland encampment turns into an all-night running meditation on revolution and running. 

“A Home Made of Heart and Twine” (December 2014)
The Whitefish Review. Print.
Wandering through the typical day of a UM FLAT resident, I work through the trials and tribulations of intentional, co-op living and what it means to find home. 

“Circumnavigation: The Revolutionary Way”
(November 2014)
Territory Run Co. Web.
A meditation on circuitous ways around mountains and worlds and lifetimes. Might get dizzy. Photos and words.   

“Wanted: Trail Running Coordinator” (December 2013.)
Trail Runner Magazine. Making Tracks.  Print and Web.
I am hired to go on tour with Ben Gibbard and the Postal Service, as Ben’s personal trail running coordinator. Most interesting job I’ve ever landed. Period. 

“In the Way” (December 2013)
Camas Environmental Literary Magazine. Print.
In September 2013, I was detained by police for sitting on train tracks in Helena, Montana to stop coal trains from exporting coal to China. This piece explores the experience, while somehow working in elephants. One of my personal favorites.

“Wild Root” (December 2013)
Camas Environmental Literary Magazine. Print. Photography.
Photo of good friend Trevien Stanger at the Fall Harvest party at the Moon-Randolph Homestead in Missoula, Montana. Root cellar.

“15 Thoughts on Trail Racing and Environmental Harm” (November 2013)
Trail Running Magazine. Shortlisted for Blog Symposium.
This is a blog entry I am submitting to the Trail Runner Blog Symposium for their November 2013 prompt: “Do Trail Races Result in Unnecessary Harm to the Environment?”

“Disposability is Dead” (September 2013.)
Trail Runner Magazine.  Online.
After volunteering for an endurance event in Mexico, I explore the world of racing and wasting, while providing some insights for moving forward responsibly.

“The Western States Healing Ceremony” July 2013. Web.
After running the world’s most famous 100 mile trail race in 2012, I return in 2013 to report on my experience from the spectator side. I find more than I expected. 

“Goodbye to Gravity.” (October 2012)
The Float Shoppe. Web.
I report on my experience with a series of sensory deprivation tank visits. It gets weird. I fully recommend it.  

“Capital Peak Race Report” (July 2012)
Ultrarunner Magazine.  Print.
A piece on winning my first ultra-distance race, the Capitol Peak 50 mile race near Olympia, Washington. 

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