Top 5 Posts

Here’s a look at the five most popular articles posted on the Jasmine Dialogues:

1) One Year Later: An Excerpt from “The Circles of Kailash” (August 12th, 2015) A short preview from a larger writing project, to commemorate one year since traveling to Tibet.

2) Western States of Consciousness (July 18th, 2012) My experience running the most prestigious 100-mile race in the world.

3) On Interdependence (April 26th, 2012) In exploring my backyard forest in Portland, Oregon, I realize She needs me to stick around as much as I need Her.

4) The Sleeping Indian (May 20th, 2013) On April, I organized a 70-mile crossing of the Baja Peninsula on foot, to protest US-Canadian companies planning to open-pit gold mine the Sierra de La Laguna Mountains.

5) The 99 Revolutions (February 4th, 2012) A simple lap around Chapman Square one evening turns into an extended meditation on rhythm, global resistance, and the discovery of meaning in the monotonous.

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