In Photo: On Tour with The Postal Service


On July 15th, I started one of the most memorable experiences of my life: touring with The Postal Service. 23 days. 3 tour buses. 3 semi-trucks. 24 people: Band, Production Management, Merchandise, Stage Techs, Drum/Guitar Techs, Sound and Lighting Personnel. And me. All traveling together from Spokane, WA, through Vancouver, BC then down the entire West Coast, finishing off in the Midwest.

11 tour stops, 15 shows. And 15 running adventures.

As “Wilderness/Trail Coordinator,” I was hired to research the best trails/mountains at every stop along the tour, take lead singer and good friend Ben Gibbard on them, then return to the venue (alive) before soundcheck. I also worked closely alongside the production team to help with show responsibilities. The opportunity was simply unparalleled. The people were incredible, professionals in their craft, of the highest caliber, all supporting musicians embodying great humility, love and knowledge for their art. An article brewing about the experience, but for now, a few photos from the music side of things…

IMG_9868 IMG_9860 IMG_9853 IMG_9967

IMG_9953 IMG_9932 IMG_9912 IMG_9893

ps7 ps4ps6


IMG_0061 IMG_0015 IMG_0009 IMG_0128 IMG_0127 IMG_0096 IMG_0095 IMG_0162 IMG_0157 IMG_0200 IMG_0194 IMG_0183 IMG_0175 IMG_0163





14 thoughts on “In Photo: On Tour with The Postal Service

  1. “If you want to BE Next Level, you got 2 RRRRROLLLLL Next LEVEL!” – Die Antward

    Dope, you are collecting some amazing stories! Hope I get to hear some of them in person 🙂 Did you take all these great photos??

    • Hah! Love the quote. I am picturing you hollering that aloud. Would love to get together and share the last year of our lives. Lots has happened. And yes, all these photos are mine! Took a bunch more, these were the better ones. Last photos are the very last Postal Service set list. Whoa. Big love, big hug!

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